What We Do

The Metropolitan Washington Bankers Group (MWBG) works to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the Greater Washington, D.C. area. MWBG’s efforts and initiatives in financial education have been ongoing since its founding. MWBG elevated financial education and financial literacy to one of its core areas of advocacy.

MWBG recognizes that basic financial knowledge is a life skill that people at all ages need in order to function successfully in today’s world. And, bankers are uniquely qualified to share sound financial management and basic money management skills.

MWBG has four strategic pillars:

  • Professional Development – will develop, grow and hone the skills of all members to be able to improve their performance as community reinvestment professionals
  • Policy Issues – will help member financial institutions understand policies at a local and federal level that may impact community reinvestment in low-and-moderate-income communities
  • Compliance – helps members stay abreast of the various regulations that govern community reinvestment
  • Outreach – will be responsible for growing the membership of the MWBG to include national, regional and community –based financial institutions with a focus on community reinvestment


Our goal is simple – to collectively ensure our communities and neighborhoods are good places to live, work, raise families and do business. We do this in partnership with our nonprofit partners focused on the following areas:

  • Small Business

    Whether privately owned, partnerships or sole proprietorships small businesses are engines of economic growth and are a vital part of a local economy by providing jobs and neighborhood stability. MWBG members provide access to capital, workshops and technical assistance.
  • Housing

    MWBG members support the preservation and new construction of housing that is affordable to individuals and families earning up to 120% of the Area Median Income including the wrap around services needed. These services range from pre and post purchase housing counseling, first-time homebuyer seminars to foreclosure prevention.
  • Financial Literacy and Education

    Since money impacts our daily lives, MWBG members support the development of strong financial knowledge and skills for children and young adults in grades K-12 and adults. This is done through MWBG employee volunteers facilitating the delivery of workshops.
  • Capacity Building

    MWBG members also support the strengthening of the capacity of our nonprofit partners through seminars not limited to fundraising and grant writing, understanding your financial statements and Board Development.